Advent Technologies Secures €1,8 Million Frame Contract with Volta Energy for the Supply of Methanol-Powered Fuel Cell Units




Advent Technologies Secures €1,8 Million Frame Contract with Volta Energy for the Supply of Methanol-Powered Fuel Cell Units.


Advent Technologies Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADN) (“Advent” or the “Company”), an innovation-driven leader in the fuel cell and hydrogen technology sectors, is pleased to announce the signing of a new frame contract with Volta Energy. Volta Energy, a Dutch company founded by brothers Roel and Luc Bleumer, specializes in the development of hybrid mobile power products and offers total mobile energy supply solutions to sectors such as construction, festivals, and events. Under the terms of the agreement, Advent will supply its methanol-powered fuel cell units (“Serene”) to Volta Energy as a novel, green, power source in its product offerings.


Following a highly successful testing phase in which Advent supplied its Serene fuel cells to Volta Energy, the two companies are advancing to the next phase of their collaboration. The total initial value of the new contract is €1.8 million, and deliveries are set to begin in January 2024. The supply chain is expected to remain active throughout 2024, in line with the customer’s specified timeline.


Advent’s fuel cell units will serve as sustainable backup power solutions, seamlessly taking over when conventional solar photovoltaic energy systems are inoperable or offer reduced power output due to adverse weather conditions such as heavy cloud cover or rain. By replacing traditional diesel generators and working in conjunction with photovoltaic energy systems and batteries, Advent’s Serene fuel cells ensure a continuous and reliable power supply to meet Volta Energy’s remote system power needs. Utilizing liquid methanol as a hydrogen carrier fuel, Serene fuel cells offer distinct advantages in transportation, logistics, and storage efficiency compared to gaseous hydrogen, thereby enhancing overall operational safety.


Noteworthy features of Advent’s Serene fuel cells include their compact footprint, approximately a third of that required by a typical diesel generator. In addition to their environmental benefits in terms of reduced emissions and near-silent operation, Serene fuel cells provide uninterrupted power across diverse environmental conditions and geographical locations. Operating seamlessly at ambient temperatures, these fuel cells are designed to function efficiently even in humid and polluted air, showcasing their exceptional adaptability.


Morten Sørensen, Senior Vice President of Advent Technologies A/S, commented:


We are proud to enter into the next phase of our collaboration with Volta Energy. Leveraging the expertise of their team, and with valuable support from Advent, we achieved the efficient integration of the methanol-power units in just a few weeks.


“This successful collaboration has yielded a tangible, real-life product that not only delivers environmentally friendly energy during sunny days but also consistently performs on cloudy days. This resilience significantly enhances the value proposition of Volta Energy’s products, providing customers with a reliable and sustainable energy solution throughout the entire year.”


Roel Bleumer, Co-founder, and Co-CEO of Volta Energy, commented:


We are pleased to incorporate Advent’s green power solution into our portfolio, replacing the diesel genset in our solution and serving as a supplementary power generator for our PV energy systems.


“Our hybrid products, ranging from 6 to 120 kVA, cater to both temporary consumption with peak power (peak-shaving) and long-term use. We strongly believe in the role of methanol as an excellent hydrogen carrier, and we are confident that Advent’s innovative products will enhance our offerings.”